Representing Jacksonville’s Women

The Quick Law Group story and pictures by Mike Kuusela

I’m sure many of you reading this remember a TV show that kicked off in the late 1990’s called The Sopranos. In my opinion this was one of the best TV shows ever created. It starred James Gandolfini and Edie Falco as Tony and Carmela Soprano, the fictitious husband and wife mob couple. I recall one episode in which Carmela has had enough of Tony’s adultery and decides to consult family law attorneys to seek legal counsel for divorce. Unfortunately for Carmela, Tony had already consulted with all the best family law attorneys thus none of them would represent Carmela.

The Quick Law Group story and pictures by Mike Kuusela

Even though the previous example is a scene straight out of the popular crime drama The Sopranos, there is one local attorney in Jacksonville who had a very similar real world experience with one of her prospective clients. This experience subsequently lead to her opening her very own practice with a solemn promise to not only exclusively represent women but to help them enrich their lives. This attorney is Heather Quick and her firm is The Quick Law Group.

The Quick Law Group story and pictures by Mike Kuusela

I had the opportunity to sit with Heather Quick to talk about the firm’s history and it’s mission. Heather used to be a prosecutor prior to practicing family law and was also a child of divorce. Heather is the third generation of her family that has been rooted in North Florida and her family has strong ties in the legal system. Heather’s grandfather was a judge and her uncle was an attorney. Heather studied at the University of North Florida for her undergraduate degree and later completed her law degree at Stetson University. The Quick Law Group started in 2010 and was born from Heather’s passion for changing the way women in Florida experience the divorce process by educating it’s clients and providing support that empowers women.

The Quick Law Group story and pictures by Mike Kuusela

The Quick Law Group employs fourteen full time staff members which includes five local attorneys. Between it’s main office in Jacksonville and it’s satellite office in St. Augustine, the firm services roughly two hundred clients a year.  The firm takes a different approach in tackling the stresses that it’s clients go through during the legal process by offering free monthly events that educate it’s clients as well as pamper them. The education clients receive aims to minimize stress of divorce by answering their questions regarding the process. And each quarter the firm has a spa event at the office for clients which provides facials, acupuncture, and massage chairs. The firm also brings in specialists on online dating for former clients as well as business coaches that provide advice.


Heather has received national recognition for her work in the space of helping women. The Quick Law Group stays involved in the Jacksonville community by offering it’s services to the Hubbard House which they visit every other month. They also provide services for Her Song which assists women who are victims of sex trafficking. Heather has been the recipient of the Silver Stevie Awards for female entrepreneur of the year and women helping women categories as recently as November 2015. Heather is also a member of the American Bar Association, St JohnsBar Association and Jacksonville Bar Association. She serves as chair for the Judicial Relations Committee and also serves on family law rules committee for the Florida Bar. Heather has published three books which include “Women’s Guide to Divorce in Florida”, “Is Divorce Right For You?”, and “Women’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.”

The Quick Law Group story and pictures by Mike Kuusela

The firm strives to provide a good balance of work and personal life for it’s staff, but stays committed to continuing education and training for all of it’s staff. The Quick Law Group has plans to open additional satellite offices throughout Florida in years to come in order to represent women seeking help across the state. While Heather didn’t attended Florida State University she says she is a Seminoles fan due to her husband’s love for the team and that she enjoys rooting for Jacksonville’s home team the Jaguars on game day. In addition Heather enjoys playing tennis and loves spending quality time with her kids.

The Quick Law Group story and pictures by Mike Kuusela

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Written and published for BUZZ Magazine, May 2016.

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