Grab A Snack At The Shrimp Shack

Shrimp Shack Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL, story by Mike Kuusela

Last week I was out and about in Jacksonville’s San Pablo and Beach Blvd area and spotted Shrimp Shack as I was driving. I had heard of this quick service restaurant before from both family and friends but decided to explore it a bit further for myself. I pulled into the parking lot, found a nearby space, and continued inside where I met General Manager Simon Abusini. Simon was kind enough to provide me with twenty minutes of his time in order to give me the low down on this local restaurant which keeps growing in popularity amongst consumers seeking a fast yet tasty seafood meal.

Shrimp Shack Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL, story by Mike Kuusela

I was told the idea of the restaurant was passed down as a generational interest within the owners  family and that the family had a heritage within the food service industry. The restaurant first opened it’s doors in it’s original Orange Park location in 2010 and as the popularity began to grow and sales increased the owners saw the opportunity for expansion into the area of Jacksonville Beach. Their second location opened in July of 2015.

Shrimp Shack Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL, story by Mike Kuusela

Shrimp Shack isn’t your fancy seafood dining experience, but it does offer quality and fast service. All meals are hand breaded and made to order, everything is fresh and never frozen. As one enters the restaurant you can come to find a nautical theme and a warm welcoming staff waiting to take your order at the counter. In case you couldn’t have guessed by the name, Shrimp Shack specializes in shrimp and they prepare it in several different ways. A local favorite and popular menu item is the Bam Bam Shrimp served with sweet and spicy American style sauce. While one might expect a fast service restaurant to offer nothing but deep fried food, Shrimp Shack offers their menu items blackened or grilled as well as fried.

Shrimp Shack Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL, story by Mike Kuusela

On Tuesdays, the restaurant offers a thirty piece fried shrimp meal with two sides for $9.99. They also offer a senior discount of 20% off and 10% off for military, police, and fire fighters. They also have a kids menu for the picky little ones. Shrimp Shack also has a limited selection of beer for the thirsty customer, five domestic favorites on tap and assorted imported bottles. The restaurant serves approximately 350 customers a day and their Beach Blvd location will soon be taking steps to add a drive through to their location in order to serve their customers more conveniently.

Shrimp Shack Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL, story by Mike Kuusela

The restaurant takes pride in the community in which it serves its customers and continues to stay involved by sponsoring a local youth baseball team in Orange Park. For more info on Shrimp Shack, check them out online at

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Written and published for BUZZ Magazine, April 2016.

BUZZ Magazine Jacksonville FL

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