Intellectual Property Protection

Mark Young PA interview by Mike Kuusela

Earlier this week I was out and about exploring Jacksonville’s busy business streets when I came across a small law firm. Curious about what they did and what sort of law they specialized in, I walked in through the front door for my first introduction. I met Mark Young, owner of the firm that specializes in intellectual property protection. What is intellectual property protection? If you have a great idea, created a blue print for a new design, recorded a piece of art, intellectual property protection allows you to retain and protect your rights to that item or content. Copyrights, trademarks, and patents all fall under this category.

Mark Young PA interview by Mike Kuusela

As we began to talk, Mark told me his story of how he used to work as an engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and through his interactions with patent attorneys he became very interested in the legal aspect of intellectual property protection. Mark studied law at University of Dayton School of Law. Later he accepted a job working for a law firm in Chicago where he also continued to pursue his legal education completing his Latin Legum Magister, also known as Masters of Law. He moved down to Jacksonville around 1996 and subsequently opened up his own firm in 2001.

Mark Young PA interview by Mike Kuusela

Today the firm is run by Mark and his wife, Marilyn, who assist approximately one hundred clients across the United States on a yearly basis. Even though they have clients in California, Texas, and New York, 75% of their clientele remain in North Florida. A lot of the firm’s business comes from repeat clientele who seek their assistance with new and developing projects, many of the firm’s client relationships span for more than a decade.

Mark Young PA interview by Mike Kuusela

The firm stays actively involved in the local community and Marilyn volunteers with many groups and schools throughout the city. Marilyn is also involved with the Jacksonville Bee Keepers Association. When I asked Mark what his favorite sports were, he said he was an avid baseball fan as he used to play as a kid and that his favorite college team is the Gators.

When Mark isn’t busy assisting clients in navigating the legal waters of intellectual property protection he enjoys woodworking, landscaping, and various outdoor activities. If you have a project you need some legal council on checkout their website at, the firm always offers a complimentary initial consultation.

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Written and published for BUZZ Magazine, April 2016.

BUZZ Magazine Jacksonville FL

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