E-Commerce in Jacksonville

Shipping And Handling.com story by Mike Kuusela

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being introduced to Matt Beyler and the executive staff of ShippingAndHandling.com. Matt is the president of ShippingAndHandling.com a local version of Amazon which has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Matt told me that they started off as Priority Couriers in 1991 and acquired ShippingAndHandling.com about six years ago.

Shipping And Handling.com story by Mike Kuusela

In the beginning they inherited a mere seven accounts through their acquisition of the company, but since then have grown their clientele to over 150 clients from all over the United States and even a few international accounts. The company handles e-commerce solutions and distribution for it’s diverse client base. Some of the brands that they handle include Ice Mule Coolers, Kelly Moore photography bags, Industry West furniture, and UFM (Under Wear for Men) a client which was introduced through Jacksonville’s One Spark event.

Shipping And Handling.com story by Mike Kuusela

The company currently provides 120,000 square feet of warehouse storage for it’s clients’ goods and employs thirty full-time employees. I asked Matt what time of the year is the busiest for the company and to no real surprise I came to find out that business picks up by 200% during the holiday season and Black Friday.

The company is very focused on local growth and aims to grow its operations in North Florida in years to come supporting our local economy. In terms of local community involvement ShippingAndHandling.com’s CEO Chris Flowers partners with Metro Kids Konnection which focuses on aiding at risk kids in Jacksonville, helping them discover their future potential as contributors and leaders in our community.

Matt said that the key to the company’s success has been in doing things the old way, meaning that they pride themselves in providing quality inspections, responsive customer service where a phone call is always answered by a real person, and providing custom solutions based on individual client needs.

Shipping And Handling.com story by Mike Kuusela

Matt and his team have always been loyal Jags fans and have been season ticket holders since the team’s inaugural season in 1995. His additional hobbies outside of work include photography, bird watching, and protective services for North Florida’s animals.

Shipping And Handling.com story by Mike Kuusela

For more information on this exciting Jacksonville based business visit www.shipping-and-handling.com.

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Written and published for BUZZ Magazine, April 2016.

BUZZ Magazine Jacksonville FL


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